Manual for maintenance and use


The Makeup:

Whether it is TPE or silicone doll, the makeup is very firm, but please do not frequently and deliberately lick, rub, or poke it! Please only use "clean water" to clean it!

The Body:

For TPE body, please gently wipe the body stains of TPE dolls with a cotton swab or wet tissue dipped in vegetable oil (any colorless edible oil).
For silicone body, please wipe the stains on the silicone doll with water. After cleaning and drying, please apply talcum powder. If the material feels sticky to the touch please also apply talcum powder.
Both TPE and silicone bodies do not require frequent cleaning. Wearing normally is Okay.

The Vagina:

For a doll with a removable vagina, please apply some lubricating oil or soap on the hands before attempting to remove the insert to avoid unnecessary harm to the doll. For a doll with an immovable vagina, please wrap a wet tissue or towel around the chopsticks and gently insert it into the channel and rotate it. Do not use a high-pressure water gun or similar ones to plug deep into the channel and block the channel opening for cleaning!

The Foot:

TPE dolls can only stand when equipped with standing pins. When standing, please rely on objects and do not let feet touch the ground directly.
Silicone dolls can stand without pins and need to be put on a soft ground with an average force on both feet in order to stand for a long time.

Long-Term Storage:

When the doll is not in use for a long time, please lie flat or sit in a soft place. All joints should not be excessively bent, and then wear clothes or wrap a blanket for storage. Please try to stay away from direct sunlight and damp environments.

Additional Care Tips:

- It is recommended to always wear a jumpsuit which we sends as a base and protection. Please keep the whole doll away from any sharp objects.
- For a doll with double copper wire fingers, please do not frequently bend the fingers back and forth, which can cause metal fatigue. Regardless of the type of finger, please gently bend and do not be squeezed by other objects.

Clothing and Dye:

Both TPE and silicone will be dyed. If you bought dark colored clothing, please sprinkle an appropriate amount of edible salt in water and soak the clothing for 2-3 days (during which time, please change the salt water). If the water no longer changes color, the doll can wear the dark colored clothing. Otherwise, please do not wear it.
The hair of animal down clothing and wigs will not be dyed. If the wig's hairnet is dark, please firstly wear a light-colored hair cover on the doll’s head to separate it.
If TPE dolls are dyed, please contact customer service for a link to the color removal cream.
If silicone dolls are dyed, it will fade off after being left for a period of time (depending on the depth of staining).

Contact Information:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you!