Explanation of options

Please note that these instructions do not apply to mini sex dolls. Most mini sex dolls style are fixed and cannot be changed.


For a more realistic feeling of oral sex, please choose the option with tongue.


  • Solid Breasts

    Solid breasts, also referred to as standard breasts, are crafted using premium TPE or silicone materials. These breasts exhibit a perfect balance of firmness and perkiness while retaining a desirable softness and bounce characteristic of high-quality TPE and silicone. If you're not overly selective, there's no need for an upgrade as the solid breast option provides a realistic experience.

    Please be aware that if you prefer silicone breasts, you must choose a doll body made entirely of silicone.

  • Hollow Breasts

    Hollow breasts, differ from TPE or gel-filled counterparts. They offer a remarkably realistic and incredibly squishy feel. The sensation of grabbing these breasts and witnessing their resilient bounce can be quite exhilarating. Opting for hollow breasts doesn't incur any additional cost, making them a favorable choice for those who appreciate super-soft and lightly bouncy breasts. If you desire a voluptuous sex doll with substantial breast size but wish to reduce weight, hollow breasts are a practical option. However, it's essential to note that these breasts are more susceptible to damage and may sag if they break.

    If a preference for heavier breasts is paramount, hollow breasts may not be the ideal choice for you.

  • Gel Breasts

    Gel-filled breasts is considered the top choice for achieving realistic sex doll breasts. Combining the softness reminiscent of hollow breasts with the firmness and perkiness of solid breasts, gel breasts provide a balanced and lifelike feel. The use of gel, similar to that in real women, closely mimics the natural texture and movement of genuine breasts. Notably, gel breasts maintain their softness and resist sagging, making them a valuable upgrade for those seeking the most authentic experience with sex doll breasts.

    Important: It's worth mentioning that only select brands offer the option of gel-filled breasts.

3. VAGINA type

  • Removable Vaginas

    With removable vaginas you can pull out a sleeve, like a thin fleshlight, after using it. Then you only have to flush this out with warm water and soap, then dry it. You probably also have to wipe some excess lube off the labia of the doll. But the process is pretty quick and easy. You can lube the outside of the insert to make it easier to insert and pull out.

  • Built-in Vaginas

    Built-in vaginas are more difficult to clean. Some use soapy water and a sponge on a stick to clean the doll in place, but others recommend carrying it to the toilet or sitting it over a bucket, and flush out the vagina with a douche. Then it needs to be dried, which usually requires some sort of fan or pump (like an aquarium air pump) to ensure air circulation in the orifice. You can also use an absorbing stick stick to dry it, this is even included with some dolls these days. If your doll is silicone, you can also use antibacterial gel to further clean it. However, it is not recommended to use this on TPE, as it can weaken the material.

4. EVO Skeleton

  • Standard Skeleton

    1. A basic skeleton doesn't allow the doll to shrug its shoulders.
    2. Most basic skeletons can only bend forward and backward.
    3. he elbows and knees can bend slightly, about 90 degrees.

  • EVO Skeleton

    1. An enhanced (EVO) skeleton enables your doll to perform shoulder shrugs, providing a more realistic and versatile range of poses.
    2. The spine is highly flexible, allowing left and right-leaning movements, enhancing the realism for intimate moments sought after by doll enthusiasts globally.
    3. Legs can be bent into a W position or downward, facilitating contact with the buttocks.

5. Body Heating

  • The heating mechanisms in various doll brands may vary slightly, but they operate on a similar principle. In sex dolls equipped with an internal heating system, wires are distributed throughout the doll's torso and intimate areas. A plug outlet is located somewhere on the doll's body. Simply connect the doll to a wall outlet, and within approximately 20-30 minutes, the temperature will reach the preset level.

6. Head Moaning

  • Sex doll manufacturers incorporate motion sensors within the doll and affix a sound device to the head or other body parts, controlled manually through switches or buttons. Upon activation, pressing the switch will result in your doll producing moaning sounds in response to touch or movement.

7. Articulated Fingers

  • The articulated fingers upgrade is meticulously crafted with durable metal joints and rounded tips, ensuring the protection of the finger skin from easy puncture. Moreover, these articulated fingers enable the dolls to replicate a variety of hand gestures that were beyond the capabilities of the previous wire fingers. Undoubtedly, this proves to be a captivating enhancement for the entire adult love doll community.

8. Body Makeup

  • Enhance the appearance of your doll's skin tone to appear more life like.